Malbec Argentino's
Got Range

Truly memorable


Let’s celebrate in a global toast! This April 17 discover the diversity of Argentina’s most famous grape and enjoy it all year round! Any occasion will turn into a truly memorable experience with Malbec Argentino. This edition of Malbec World Day highlights plenty of new facets of the varietal to understand why Malbec Argentino’s Got Range.

Naturally distinctive

Endless range of expressions

Argentina’s vast extension creates a wealth of natural diversity featuring different landscapes, climates and soils. The Andes adds altitude to the equation, which combined with the other factors generates a puzzle of terroirs, leading to an endless range of expressions that is only just being unraveled.

Exceptionally diverse

Exuberant, friendly and seductive

Malbec Argentino experiences a new topography of varying tastes, aromas and freshness, which translates into an inexhaustible range of profiles and styles that highlight Malbec’s diversity. Exuberant, friendly, seductive… Malbec has many personalities, all of which shine in the glass.

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Unfold Malbec’s Full Potential

Reveal its peculiarity, diversity, memorability and exquisiteness.

The Andes Effect: How altitude affects the styles of Argentine wine

Argentina, the fifth largest wine producer in the world, specializes in the production of high altitude wines because half of the country’s surface area under vine is located in the foothills and slopes of the monumental peaks.

Mar 16

5 min. read

Malbec World 2022: the latest trends, more terroirs, diversity and talent

The country’s flagship wine is developing its identity and standing out among global reds with new qualities and stories to tell. It’s time to discover new styles of Malbec and explore trends that are enhancing the diversity of Argentine wine.

Mar 16

6 min. read

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